Your home is your castle

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We DO conveyancing. This includes all aspects of buying, selling, leasing, mortgages, easements, tenancy, retirement villages and building contracts.

Lucky Kiwis

Here in New Zealand, we are fortunate to own our landholdings. We have a government guaranteed title system. It is up to the minute, clear, computerized and based on universal, accurate land surveying. Unlike many other countries in the world. We also have the one of the highest proportion of home owners in the world here and owning your own property is within many New Zealanders' reach - lucky indeed.

What value do you get

when buying property?

- I ensure you legally own the property you buy.

You will buy the correct property, you will be the legal owner and you will have a certificate to prove it. Your bank's mortgage will be registered on your title.

- If you own it with another person, I will ensure you will own it in a way that meets your personal circumstances.

I help you fully understand joint ownership, tenants in common and Joint Family Homes. If you are in relationship with another person, you may need to protect your share of the house from creditors, or have your share match your Will's intention. If you have a Trust or other investments, the way you own the property needs to dovetail with these as well. I also read through company constitution and Trust documents to ensure this so you do not have to.

- I ensure you understand any obligations or rights that come with your land interest.

You may share the driveway or other access to your property, you may have a body corporate levy to pay or have sewer pipes through your property where you want to put a swimming pool. There can be restrictive covenants about the type of house that you build, or to protect your view.